I am happy to say that last summer’s Yosemite trip was really amazing. Although all of my students have disappeared into their schools, the ones I run into still report an amazing experience.”

Richard Triana, Group Leader of Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Arizona

My two guides served as incredible mentors and were impressively dedicated to keeping me motivated. They helped create a great community between me and my fellow campers. This program, and my guides, taught me skills that I can apply to my future and anyone who loves hiking would be happy to be involved in this outdoor program.”

Youth Participant, October 2017

“I’m a school science teacher who took a group of students on a week long, 40 mile backpacking trip. Some of the kids had never camped before. We had rain, hail, thunder, lightning and cold, but we had the best time. Lasting Adventures knew how to keep the kids happy and safe while also taking us to some of the most amazing places, like natural water slides that blew the kid’s minds that we never would have found on our own. Their experience and knowledge of the Yosemite backcountry made our trip feel like 10 awesome trips rolled into one.”

Neil Aho, Group Leader of The Academy, Berkeley, CA

“The 13 day hike was a fun challenge filled with new experiences and stunning vistas. The two counselors Jack and Kara were super nice and very knowledgeable about the park and its Flora and Fauna.”

Youth Participant, July 2017