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Since the summer of 1997, Lasting Adventures has provided more than 1,500 scholarships for disadvantaged youth and families to explore the wonder of America’s National Parks. We believe that all youth should have the opportunity to experience and learn from wild places, regardless of their financial circumstances. If you would like to join in our goal of making life-changing educational adventures in Joshua Tree National Park accessible to underserved youth, please consider a tax deductible contribution to our scholarship fund. Thank You for supporting Lasting Adventures, Inc!

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Overview: Winter Camp Programs in Joshua Tree National Park, Southern California

New in Winter 2023/2024, Lasting Adventures is offering a popularly requested Winter backpacking camp in Joshua Tree National Park! These 5-day youth backpacking trips for teens ages 13 to 17 lead our adventurers through the heart of Joshua Tree National Park.

Throughout our teen outdoor adventure camps, participants will travel into the wilderness of Joshua Tree National Park. This impressive landscape features a variety of unique plant and animal life, geologic features, and evidence of the park’s human history dating back to its early inhabitants. Our camps feature teambuilding and leadership opportunities beginning on day 1 and entertaining games, stories and riddles on the trail. Your child will have the opportunity to learn about this fascinating landscape and it’s history, as well as practice camping and backpacking skills, develop an appreciation for the natural world, and gain independence and leadership skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Whether marveling at a shooting star, scrambling over other-worldly rock features, or laughing with new friends around a campfire—the ultimate goal of our Joshua Tree National Park winter camps is to share unforgettable moments in nature that inspire lifelong passions in youth and teens. Participants in our 5-Day Joshua Tree Desert Adventure will find themselves among some of the most unique scenery America has to offer: iconic trails overlooking vast expanses of Joshua Trees, summits of rocky peaks, explore the depths of winding canyons, and tour mining ruins from the park’s recent past —spectacular wilderness abounds all across this desert environment. Our Joshua Tree Winter camps delve into the depths of the backcountry with insight and guidance from our experienced leaders, all of whom possess intimate knowledge of the surrounding environment. On most trips, we backpack every day but one (a layover day, location is usually agreed upon by the team), and we are on the trail for an average of four to six hours per day. Throughout the experience we take our time to enjoy the views and break at some pretty awesome campgrounds. We come away with an enlightened understanding of the natural environment, an appreciation for ourselves, connections with new friends, and a passion for the outdoors to last a lifetime.

Our primary mission for our outdoor summer camp is to use the natural environment and outdoor activities to teach participants the necessary skills and attitudes for living successful lives. We also strive to foster an appreciation for the wilderness, nature, and the world around us. In addition to unique individual backgrounds and certifications, our leaders are all trained in Adventure Based Programming. Through Adventure Based Programming, participants will be challenged to improve their sense of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. Participants will participate in daily goal setting, group activities and debriefing (usually mixed in with marshmallows around the campfire.) This is all done within an environment of fun and support. All participants will also learn basic backpacking skills, wilderness ethics, wilderness appreciation and engage in Leave No Trace principles. Along with creating lasting memories, it is our goal that participants will finish this adventure with a greater knowledge of themselves, the world, and the environment around them.

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5-Day Joshua Tree Youth Adventure

Lasting Adventures 5-day backpacking winter camp trips in Joshua Tree National Park are designed especially for youth ages 13-17 who are new or experienced backpackers. These teen backpacking trips are perfect for participants who have joined us before on 6- or 13-day adventures in Yosemite or Olympic National Parks and want to try backpacking in all seasons!