In 2022 Lasting Adventures had the privilege of sharing the wonders of the outdoors with almost 1,000 people on our guide service trips! This includes over 725 day hikers and 236 people that were brave enough to ditch modern society and go backpacking. We even started our first guide service trips up in Olympic National Park! Whether Olympic or Yosemite, we were thrilled to take out young and old alike all the while sharing the stories of the parks whether it was for one day or six. Many sunrises were viewed, miles were hiked, scrumptious meals were consumed, and sunsets were shared. 

Half Dome

It wouldn’t be a summer without Half Dome trips sprinkled throughout. With Glacier Point Road being closed we offered lots of different trips, including Cathedral Lakes to Half Dome. We believe that itinerary is one of the best backpacking routes in the park! Special shout-out to the people who have hiked Half Dome in a Day as that is one of the hardest hikes we offer. If you haven’t done Half Dome yet, then let these pictures entice you to sign up for one of these bucket list adventures in the future!

Hikers ascending the cables on Half Dome.
Hikers ascending the cables on Half Dome
Hiker excited about Half Dome.
Hiker approaching Half Dome via subdome
Looking out from a cave on Half Dome.
View from a cave on Half Dome
Hiker standing on the edge of Half Dome.
Happy hikers on top of Half Dome.
Happy hikers on top of Half Dome!
Group hugs after ascending Half Dome.
Happy Half Dome hugs!


Water is as synonymous with Yosemite as the granite formations. From the easily accessible 2,425-foot Yosemite Falls on a Valley Tour to Vernal and Nevada Fall on the Mist Trail, Yosemite is littered with waterfalls everywhere you look (at least for most of the year).

A family poses in front of Nevada Fall on the Mist Trail.
Family in front of Nevada Fall.
Two ladies pose in front of Vernal Fall.
Happy backpackers in front of a waterfall on the way to Glen Aulin.

Amazing Vistas

We led some custom trips this year but we also enjoyed many classic adventures like Clouds Rest and the North Rim. No matter what trip you choose, jaw-dropping scenery is around every corner of Yosemite.

Arial view of hikers above Yosemite Valley.
Family posing in front of a good view on the Upper Yosemite Falls Trail.
Family on the Upper Yosemite Falls Trail.
Family poses in front of Lower Young Lake in Yosemite.
Happy Campers at Young Lakes
Hiker stands with back to the camera with Mt. Conness in the background.
Clouds Rest summits always garner smiles!

Sunsets and Sunrises

One benefit of spending many days backpacking is the body will sync its circadian rhythms with the sunrise and sunset. Add to that being in a beautiful location and you come away from these trips with pockets full of ‘zen moments’. And lots of breathtaking photos. So many beautiful photos…

Couple shares a moment watching the sunset with sleeping bags and hot beverages.
Watching the sunset at the top of Yosemite Falls.
Two guys smile on top of Half Dome for the sunset.
A mother and son pose for the camera in front of a pink sunset on the bluff at May Lake.
A pink and blue sky over Little Yosemite Valley with tents in the foreground.
Little Yosemite Valley Sunset

Right now is the PERFECT time to book a trip for the summer! Don’t hesitate and next year you could be reminiscing and looking at pictures of yourself in these amazing landscapes!

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