25 Years of Passion: A Look Into The History of Lasting Adventures

A quarter of a century ago, Lasting Adventures started as a Yosemite-based nonprofit youth summer camp with a mission to get more children outdoors. In the beginning there was just one employee—Scott Gehrman—Lasting Adventures’ founder and executive director. Scott guided every trip, as well as managed logistics, processed all bookings, managed the gear inventory, and marketed the brand by himself.

Today, Lasting Adventures is the largest and most reputable national parks guide service on the West Coast, operating in five national parks with a staff of more than 40 seasonal guides. Our nonprofit program provides dozens of scholarships for youth and families to attend our program each season. We host north of 3,000 guests each year, and we have more than 1,000 5-star customer reviews online.

To gain some insight on how Lasting Adventures as we know it came to be, here we sit down with Scott to learn about about the passion, purpose, and empowerment that drives the growing brand.

Want to experience Yosemite through the eyes of its most veteran guide? Join us next fall for our Founders Adventure!


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